grepWin & Notepad++: Opening files at the line number.

Worked out a cool tip to combine grepWin & Notepad++ to open files at the line number of the search.

In grepWin, click on the settings button in the middle of the screen (next to the “Only one instance” checkbox.
Add this to the Editor box:
[plain]C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe -n%line% “%path%”[/plain]

You’ll need to update the location of your Notepad++ if it’s not installed in the default location.

UPDATE: I discovered you need to add quotes around the %path% to open documents with spaces in the full path name!

A Few Useful Utilities for Windows

I thought I’d list down a few useful utilities I use for Windows on almost a daily basis!

  • Notepad++ : Single-handly the best Notepad tool on Windows.
  • PathCopyCopy : Copy the path of the folder/file in short/long/UNC plus a raft of other options.
  • Hashtab : Quickly check the checksums (md5/sha/etc) for files/folders within a shell extensions.
  • grepWin: Use text or regex based expression to mass edit files/documents etc. Also has the ability to open a file directly to the line you want! See this post here.
  • FreeFileSync : I use this all the time to keep folders/files in sync between work laptop, home PC, network etc. Can be scheduled too for extra backup goodness!

The best bit, they are all ‘free to use’ for private use and most are even GPL licensed or similar!

I’ll add more as/when I think of them.