Crossfit Week 1: Upper body + abs + cardio

So I decided I wanted to record my week 1 session. Probably wont remember all of it seeing as it was 13 days ago, but we’ll see.

Routine was:
Warm up
* Tun laps around the grass area for about 10min. Every two laps stop for 10 pushups and 10 squats.

10 stations. First round 30secs, second round 40secs. 10 situps between each station.
This is the order that I did it in:
* Kettle ball lift up (Left). Ball between legs and lift and flick then push over head;
* Mallet on Tyre: hit a mallet on a truck tyre;
* Medicine ball pushups: pushups on a medicine ball. I couldn’t actually do any so I struggled with normal pushups;
* Row lift: weight bar and stand and pull it up, rowing fashion
* Rope flick: thick ass boat rope around a tree and had to flick it, like a towel;
* Standing chest press: push a weight bar overhead in a flick fashion;
* Burpees;
* Pushups with Weights: hold two dumbbells, do pushup then pull up weight. Repeat each arm;
* Kettle ball lift up (right);
* Tyre Flip: Lift and flip a 6ft tyre. I managed twice in 30sec and 4 time in 40sec run.

… and ended up with a very sore and dead downy.

As you can tell I have NFI about the exercise names so feel free to correct me!

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