Crossfit Week 2: Lower Body + Abs + Cardio

So I’ve decided to add a crossfire class to my training regime.

So for crossfit I’m giving myself a sort of 4 week trial and ties in well as the gym I go to have just started 4 rotation of classes. I’m not even sure how true this is “real” crossfire. The class is called “MaxXfit” but its killing me so it must be working!

In general I exercise twice a week. I aim for 3 sessions but  mostly due to family/household duties it becomes 2.

The 4 week rotation (from memory) consists of:

  • Week 1: Upper body + abs + cardio
  • Week 2: Lower body + abs + cardio
  • Week 3: Endurance + abs + cardio
  • Week 4: Complete body + abs + cardio.

If I get the motivation I’ll retrospectively add week 1.

This part personal journal, part sharing the love. Seeing I get about 2 hits a week on this blog l, I’m not really expecting anyone to read/comment on it ;)

Oh, normally the classes is outdoors but to do a bit of wind and rain, it had to be moved inside (#Perthstorms).

So the routine consisted of:

  • 15min on the treadmill. 10kph, 1min on/1min off (1min incline 1.0, 1min incline 6.0).
  • Timed pushups, squats, situps. 1min of each and recorded the total [1]
  • 12 station circuit, 30sec per station with squats between each. The execises were (in the order I did them):
    • Spin bike
    • Bench jump
    • Some running on the spot with arms on the floor (metermen or something)
    • Weighted squats (holding bar w/ 20kg down and squaring)
    • Rowing machine
    • Burpees
    • More weighted squats (with tubular soft weight bag over neck)
    • More ‘running man’s
    • Wall sit (rest back against wall and sit 90deg)
    • Kettle flick (hold kettle weight between legs and flick it up — I seriously failed at this)
    • Weighted lunges (bar w/ 20kg over back of neck and lunge)
    • Pushups and jump over bar thing.

Post class, I was in far less pain than last week. I attribute this to the running/swimming as it used muscle groups I have already been using. Last weeks upper body use muscles I never use!

Although today my legs are a bit stiff.


1 This involved doing as many of each activity as possible for a minute and recording the results. Then every couple of sessions we are going do it again and try and beat our own numbers. Being the good geek that I am, I’m going to add mine to a Google spreadsheet and chart it. Chart is on the Get Fit page.

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