Social Hugging

When did this become the social norm?

Social hugging, blerk, so awkward! It’s so hard to get right, so many things to think about. How ‘big’ a hug do you give? How long? How tight? How close? Do you sniff whilst you are there?

And then those times where there is unintended fondling! That accidental boobs brush or your hand ends up resting on an ass. The embarrassment!

Then there are the times when you meet a group of friends but there are strangers there. Do you hug everyone or just the people you know? What if you don’t like them all but only some? Do you still give equally embracing hugs or can you scale it depending on how much you like them?

Then there is the surprise hug, where you see someone you know and they go to hug you but you aren’t ready. Did they notice that was a half hearted attempt? What if they take offence! The shame!

What about work colleagues? In work? Out of work?

And then the taboo of ‘mens hugs’. Men like to hug too, why does this have to be a boy on girl or girl on girl thing?

It all gets too hard.

I think I’ll stick to blowing kisses, no shaking hands, gah, waving! Too hard!

*runs away*

PS: This has been in drafts for about 5 months. Now seems as good a time as any to post it :)