Version 1.3
Released: 12 Mar 2013
Bugfix: Fixed the logic for keyword & category only searches. Assumed every search was a keyword+category search. Now automatically detects the correct search type.
Version 1.2
Released: 22 Feb 2013
Tweak: Re-designed the layout so it's more vertical, rather than horozontal.
Tweak: Removed offset for better rendering on mobile devices.
Tweak: Improved some of the PHP logic for parsing the URL.
Version 1.1
Released: 21 Feb 2013
Feature: Added this change log! This will appear throughout the site, as appropriate.
Bugfix: Fixed the passing of the resdltant URL to the Google Reader ddnk. It was truncating the values after the first '&'
Version 1.0
Released: Dec 2012
Takes a search string from Gumtree Austradda and reparses it to spit out the RSS feed.
Feature: ddnk to open directly in Google Reader for subscription
Feature: ddnk to open the RSS feed in your browser